Jason will be working with Andrea (and others) to help the Centre prepare for a move

Jason will be working with Andrea (and others) to help the Centre prepare for a move

The Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre, south Winnipeg’s only women’s centre, has been creating a safe and helpful space for women since 1983. Run as a collective and with feminist philosophies, FGWRC is a place visited by women-identified people from all over the city, and beyond the Perimeter. However, between their growth and the increase in rent at their current location, the Centre is starting to think about finding a new space.

The Centre has some time, though, and want to make sure they’ve not only covered all the bases, but make the right choice. As well, while the Centre has one main location, it also has two smaller spaces off-site, and they want to make sure that they’re taking all the right things into account when considering a new space.

Enter Jason Kasper of IDEATE Design. Jason, now on his fifth Spark match, is committed to using his skills to help Winnipeg communities. He’ll be working with Andrea and a small team from FGWRC to do a space needs assessment, providing them with a functional space program that will help the Centre hone in on the right type of buildings for their future home.

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