Spark matches organizations working on critical issues in our city with people wanting to donate their professional skills for social good.

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A Swimming Success!

A Swimming Success!

  The walls are covered in flip chart paper hung haphazardly with painter’s tape. Two of us sit around an old dining room table: Eden is armed with her laptop and I have a mountain of post-it notes and smelly markers in front of me. Maybe it’s grade school...

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National Volunteer Week 2020!

National Volunteer Week 2020!

It's National Volunteer Week! We are lucky to work with hundreds of Winnipeg volunteers and non-profits. You make a huge difference in our community - Big Thanks/Chi Miigwech. ❤️ Want to chat about making a Spark Match of your own? Get a hold of us here:...

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A Mentorship match for Agape Table

A Mentorship match for Agape Table

  Spark Mentorship Match! Tyler from Agape Table has begun a social media mentorship with Gabriella Chavez Regato. Their work together over the course of a year has the objective of increasing Agape's social media engagement, with the end goal of increasing their...

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High-impact, short-term, skill-specific pro bono matches

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eligible to work with Spark?


  • include or benefit marginalized populations located in Winnipeg, and
  • are a community organization, nonprofit, or worker co-op located in Winnipeg, and
  • are addressing a social issue using a community development approach, and
  • have a demonstrated relationship to your community, and
  • have the time to work with a pro bono consultant on the project, and
  • have the capacity to carry out the project after the volunteer has done their part, and
  • have a limited or no ability to pay for the services required.


eligible to work with Spark?


  • live in or near Winnipeg.
  • are passionate about what you do.
  • have experience in your profession.
  • can plan and lead a short-term project that uses your professional skills.
  • are able to work with people who may be unfamiliar with your professional realm and language, but need your help.
  • will remain committed to the project until the agreed-upon completion.
  • believe in making Winnipeg stronger.

Next Steps



How to start a project with Spark

  • Identify a specific project or challenge that needs professional skills, and is something that your organization has the ability to carry through after the match is done
  • Get in touch with us to explain your challenge. If your project is eligible for a match (see above), we’ll set up a meeting
  • Read “Why Pro Bono Matches Break Down & How to Avoid it”, while waiting to meet
  • Meet with us so we can explain our process, learn more about your organization and your needs, and explore solutions

Need Skills?



How to start Volunteering with Spark

  • Email us a brief introduction including your resume, and connect with us on LinkedIn
  • Tell us why you want to volunteer, and what skills you’d like to put to use to benefit Winnipeg’s community organizations and the people they help
  • Unfortunately not all skills are needed by the organizations we work with, or suit the particular types of matches we make. We’ll let you know either way, and if your skills are needed, we’ll arrange to meet
  • Read “Why Pro Bono Matches Break Down & How to Avoid it” while waiting to meet
  • Meet with us so we can explain what we do, and get to know you and your skills

Got Skills?

Short-Term | Skill-Specific | Pro Bono

We build short-term, skill-specific projects that strengthen Winnipeg’s community organizations, enabling them to move ahead with their important work.

To make sure our matches are high impact, we’re dedicated to finding the right professional to meet an organization’s needs: we think about the skills, experience, personalities, and causes each side is passionate about, and bring the right folks together.

Once we’ve found a good match, we help build a work plan, then get out of the way so you can get the good work done, such as:

  • communication plans
  • marketing plans
  • logos, letterhead, business cards
  • mentoring (Executive Director; accounting; marketing, etc.)
  • legal advice on leases and contracts
  • HR help when restructuring
  • HR policies and procedures
  • interior or landscape design plans
  • and just about anything in the way of pro bono expertise

Who Are We?

Spark is a Winnipeg-based service of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network. Our purpose is to strengthen community groups dedicated to social and economic change. To do that, we pass on knowledge, resources, and expertise through referrals, workshops, and pro bono matches with skilled professionals.

We are committed to getting people engaged with the important poverty reduction and community building work that local organizations do, by getting professionals involved through volunteering their skills.

Spark is a proud member of the Global Pro Bono Network.

Who works here? Learn more about GeoffLindsey and Gen. 

Our Network

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) believes in sustainable and inclusive communities directing their own social, economic, and environmental futures. It is a member-led nonprofit comprised of hundreds of organizations and individuals who are part of a movement creating community-based solutions to local and global challenges.

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Global Pro Bono Network


Studies show that companies who allow employees to volunteer their skills on company time have higher employee satisfaction and retention rates, and their employees are more energized to get their jobs done. We’d love to talk to you about how pro bono can help in your workplace, and how we can help make that happen.





Together with our colleagues at Canadian CED Network Manitoba, we plan an annual event that brings together over 500 individuals and organizations involved in community development from all over Manitoba to connect, learn, and celebrate. Learn more about The Gathering here, and call 204-943-0547 to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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We are located on the main floor of the United Way of Winnipeg building.

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We are a service of the Canadian CED Network. Together, the Network is building fairer and stronger local economies and communities.

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