ECRC - Bridgman Collaborative Architecture - Marcella P, Nina C, Wins B watermarkedEven though they have had a variety of physical locations over their almost 15 years of existence, the Elmwood Community Resource Centre has been and continues to be a go-to space for community programming and development activities in that area of Winnipeg. Bridgman Collaborative Architecture is a local leader in planning and architecture, and have done amazing work with many community organizations over the years, including a past Spark match. Spark is really thrilled to bring Marcella Poirier (left) and Wins Bridgman (right) together with the ECRC’s Nina Condo (centre). Marcella and Wins will be helping the ECRC plan to enhance the space functionality, either at their current home on Watt Street, or maybe help them assess the viability of another potential site. Stay tuned!