Truth be told, I love a good buffet.  Weddings, family brunches, seemingly every restaurant in Las Vegas- if it has a buffet I am there waiting impatiently in line for my turn at the roast beef.  I’m sure it isn’t just me that enjoys them. Buffets are universally appealing because they allow people to pick and choose foods that work for them and their diets.  


I tend to think of Spark as a sort of pro bono skills buffet.  Our volunteers’ skill sets are incredibly diverse which allows us to create equally varied matches. From financial planning to interior design, Spark has a volunteer wanting to take on a pro bono project.  


We understand that unlike a real buffet, the skills on offer are not laid out nicely under sneeze guards. So, below is a sample of some of the skills available for potential matches: 





If your organization can benefit from one or more of these skills jot them down and continue reading our Prep For Pro Bono post.  This post will help you narrow down your list and begin preparation for a successful pro bono match.  Want to know more about Spark’s role in a match? Read about it here! Or, give us a call! We would love to chat with you about your next project.