Collage of photos. On the top left is volunteer Wins, he has blue hair, blue glasses and is wearing a blue shirt. Liza is standing beside him, she has black hair and a black t shirt. They are standin leaning against a brick wall

Wins and Liza at their match meeting including the design plans Wins created for Siloam’s outdoor space


Spark match! Bridgman Collaborative Architecture is working with Siloam Mission. To address the needs of their clients Siloam wanted to reimagine the outdoor areas around the three sides of their building. To do this, Wins Bridgman and his team have developed a conceptual approach entitled ‘The verandah’: a place for people to shelter, to gather, to wash and to rest.

Wins is a long-time resident of the downtown and, just like Siloam, he has given a lot of thought to the realities, needs and potential solutions of the neighborhood they share. Spark was very pleased to bring them together to start this process.