Behavioural Health Foundation - Mike R. Mike R, Jean D, Gerry V watermarked

Mike (l) is ready to get down to work with Jean (c) and Gerry (l)

The Behavioural Health Foundation is a residential addictions treatment centre in St.Norbert, with more than forty years of history. Like many veteran organizations, from time-to-time BHF revisits and updates the way it describes and promotes its programming, services, and value to the community. Their staff are dedicated clinicians and treatment workers, but not marketing experts.

That’s why we’ve arranged a Spark match between them and someone who is. Mike Raftis, who by day is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Bothwell Cheese, will be helping Jean, Gerry, and others from BHF to fine-tune┬átheir┬ámessaging and related communications material.