Social Planning Council Winnipeg - Kyla Roma. Albert, Kyla, Kate, Cindy, Josh 2

Albert, Kyla, Kate, Cindy and Josh, eager to get working on a new social media plan for the SPCW

The Social Planning Council of Winnipeg (SPCW) has a 96 year history of working on community-led social development. The organization came out of the turbulent times that led to the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, and was one of the first social justice action organizations in Canada. The SPCW takes an evidence- and research-based approach to fulfilling its mandate to create a community that is caring, just and equitable. They have developed research that informs public policy at both the municipal and provincial level. They also helped create coalitions that led to the first ever Indian and Metis Friendship Centre in Canada, the John Howard and Elizabeth Fry Societies, Winnipeg’s women’s resource centres and United Way Winnipeg amongst others. Lately their work has been mostly concentrated on homelessness and other poverty-related issues.

Trying to figure out how to leverage social media to not only tell the story of the work the SPCW is doing, but also to connect with those interested in the same issues, is a big task. The organization’s already active on Facebook, and have a presence on Twitter, but they approached Spark to find someone who could help them figure out how to do social media better, in the hopes that they can get even more Winnipeggers engaged in these important matters.

It took awhile, but finally we met with the right pro bono consultant: Kyla Roma, a business and digital strategist who is passionate about helping small teams create leveraged systems, turn attention into action and craft compelling marketing strategies. Her skills and passion, plus her experience consulting with small organizations with big vision, are a great fit with SPCW.

Together, Kyla and the SPCW team, led by Executive Director Kate Kehler, will create a social media plan that allows SPCW to share about the many things they’re involved in while still maintaining a common voice.