old ccednet logoAt the end of April, Spark’s parent organization, the Canadian CED Network, celebrates the one year anniversary of its 15th birthday.

In a blog post over on CCEDNet’s site, Executive Director Mike Toye reflected on his involvement in the organization for most of those 15 years, and set the stage for a marathon storytelling effort: Over the following six weeks, those involved in the creation and early stages of the Canadian CED Network – once known as the Digby Network – reflected on the beginnings, and how they’ve seen the network grow.

So grab a mug of tea, curl up on your favourite chair, and give these 15th Anniversary Reflections a read. It’s an important history not just for CCEDNet, but for Spark, too, as we’ve been a service of the national network for at least half of our life, and much of the way we shape our work is directly influenced by this strong, vibrant group.