Jenny (l), Kerris (c), and Callum (r), ready to start the match!

What’s in a name? Lots. A good name can tell people what your organization does, who it helps, why it matters… so much can be wrapped up in a name!

When Kerris Chinery took over as Executive Director for the West Central Community Program, she and the Associate¬†Director Jenny Tran sat down and talked about how they could help revitalize the organization. Between the two of them they’ve already given over 32 years to WCCP – not bad for an organization gearing up to celebrate its 40th anniversary next year!

Kerris and Jenny realized that the organization’s name wasn’t really resonating with the people they work with – the children who attend their programs at one of three schools in the West Central neighbourhood. “West Central Community Program” just wasn’t clicking with the kids. The organization had already redone its logo a couple of times, and Kerris and Jenny felt that a name change was a natural progression.

“It’s about the kids, and finding a name that they identify with,” said Kerris. After being part of the organization for 16 years, she’s excited about the challenge of taking it to the next stage while honouring the past.

We’ve matched Kerris and Jenny with Callum Beattie of Honest Agency. He’ll lead the group through a branding exercise, and provide a short list of names for Kerris, Jenny, and the board’s rebranding committee to decide from. Once they’ve made a choice,¬†we’ll be on to the next match: a new logo to go with the name!

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