Kaye Grant with Urban Eatin’s Murray Jowett (centre) and Tommy Allen (right)

Urban Eatin’ is a worker co-op, a social enterprise and a member of Spark’s parent organization the Canadian CED Network. They are an (edible) landscaping business working towards an ambitious mission: a “sustainable food system, where people in urban spaces can work towards localizing food production, lessening our ecological footprint, working cooperatively and building community.” As a worker co-op, they operate with a flat hierarchy. But they still need to build and practice job and workload equity and accountability among their workforce, who are also the owners. Not as easy as a typical business, where there is clear hierarchy and consequences. And a challenge that needs help from the right person, with the right skill set, connections and motivation to develop a solution.

We have matched them with that person. She’s consultant Kaye Grant, who also works for the Canadian Worker Co-operative Foundation. To address this challenge, Kaye will connect with like-minded co-ops across the country who have developed systems of accountability and incentives. They’ll be happy to share them with her, especially because that is the 6th cooperative principle: cooperation among cooperatives. She will share her findings with Urban Eatin’, and help them adopt or modify these best practices to their own workplace.

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