Manitoba Cooperative Association - Lisa Anderson. Vera & Lisa

The Manitoba Cooperative Association (MCA) Inc. is a provincial association of cooperative organizations, created by its members to enhance and support the development of a united, growing and influential cooperative movement in Manitoba. Like Spark’s parent organization, MCA works on behalf of their members in the areas of development, education, government relations, and more.

If you’re familiar with the cooperative principles, you won’t be surprised to hear that when it came time to update their HR policies, Executive Director Vera Goussaert asked colleagues across the country for their policies, and has revised and edited them over time to fit MCA’s needs. Those initial policies provided a great start, but now it’s time to make sure MCA’s HR policies are cohesive and reflect the way they currently work – including a recent move away from landlines to cell phones.

So Vera got in touch with Spark to see if we could match her up with someone knowledgeable on HR policies – happily, we had recently met with Lisa Anderson, a Senior HR Consultant at Investor’s Group. When we had our assessment meeting with Lisa she shared that she enjoys helping organizations get their HR policies up-to-date, so we mentioned the opportunity to help out MCA, and she said she’d be interested in meeting up with Vera.

Since this is a match post, you obviously already know how this story ends: we brought Vera and Lisa together, and by the end of the meeting we had a match agreement drawn up. Soon MCA will have a stronger HR manual that includes policies on staff cell phones, giving them clarity and peace of mind.

Thank you to Lisa for volunteering your skills, and to MCA for all the work they do to help Manitoba’s cooperatives!

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