Right to Housing Coalition - Transition Planning

Having all locked up their bikes and had some water, Clark, Laura and Denis set to work on developing the process and objectives for the transition planning session

Ten years ago Clark Brownlee and other concerned citizens began the work of the Right to Housing Coalition. Great things have been accomplished under the leadership of Brownlee, who dedicated his time entirely as a volunteer to lead one of Canada’s most effective coalitions advocating for social and affordable housing for all our citizens. However, this spring, Clark announced that he would step back from his coordinator role. To continue the important work of the Coalition, a solid transition plan was required, at which time the coalition came to Spark.

Spark engaged Denis DePape, a seasoned facilitator and long-time Spark volunteer, to assist Right to Housing with their transition planning process. Denis is an outcome focused facilitator, who pushes groups to stay on task, be pragmatic, and prioritize to achieve their objectives. Working with Denis is Laura Rempel, point person from Right to Housing organizing the transition.

The first planning session brought together key contributors and active members of Right to Housing. Over the course of this first meeting the group was able to work through the multitude of roles that Clark has been doing for the past decade. They organized and prioritized these tasks, then determined which members had the capacity to take over each specific activity to ensure the work of Right to Housing continues.

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