MPHM - ChangeMakers. Correy, Donald, Jill, Josh, Nyala, Molly watermarked

Correy, Donald, Jill, Josh, Nyala and Molly, ready to get strategizing

The short story: Make Poverty History Manitoba (MPHM) is working with local communications firm ChangeMakers to create a strategy aimed at getting 6 anti-poverty policy priorities into the platforms of candidates for Manitoba’s 2016 provincial election. The policy priorities are based on The View from Here 2015.

The longer story: When Molly McCracken, Director of CCPA Manitoba and member of Make Poverty History Manitoba, popped into our offices asking for a pro bono consultant to help MPHM get their six policy priorities onto the table for Manitoba’s provincial election, we were a bit stumped. It seemed like more than a marketing or communication plan, and was definitely not something we’d been asked for up until that point. It would involve materials outside the usual scope of templates and web images, and an eye to campaign building, with a strong side of strategic planning.

So Lindsey and I met with a small group of MPHM members and supporters to start assessing the project. As usual, one of our first questions was “who do you already know that might be able to help?” Donald Benham thought for a moment, and piped up “One of my old students runs a successful marketing company, I’ll get in touch and see if he’s interested.”

Sure enough, Correy Myco, CEO and Creative Director at ChangeMakers, was interested. Usually we like to meet with volunteers first, but Correy was keen to jump right in, so I quickly explained Spark and our process moments before a first meeting between him and some of the MPHM folks. After that meeting he asked a few of his employees if they’d be interested in helping out, too, and Jill and Nyala said yes.

The scope of the campaign is still being sussed out, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the creative pieces, and an ear out for the anti-poverty commitments made by Manitoba’s election candidates.