spark-logoDid you know that our name is not, in fact, an acronym? It’s true!

Back in the day when this service first started here in Winnipeg, it was called the Community Economic Development Technical Assistance Service, or CEDTAS. However, over time it became clear that some people were having a disconnect with the word “technical”, not quite sure what that meant and what type of help CEDTAS could bring to the table. So we went through a branding exercise, and Spark was born (right around the same time that we became a service of the Canadian Community Economic Development¬†Network (CCEDNet), but that’s a different story).

So what does “Spark” mean?

A Spark is created when two different entities come together and generate something completely new. This burst of energy and activity unleashes a new force which can be harnessed to create positive community change. This attracts others by its warmth and light and can inspire people to contribute to its momentum.

Once you add in our tagline, you get this:

Spark: Connections for Community facilitates interconnections between people with diverse interests, professions, backgrounds and talents. The matches that are made build and strengthen the capacity of community groups and organizations who are working for positive change in Winnipeg. Each entity has something meaningful to contribute to each other and the community.

And now you know! Next time you think about Spark, remember that energy – and don’t forget to join in that connecting energy by either letting us know how we can help your community development organization, or becoming a Spark volunteer!