We impart our best Yoda-like wisdom of pro bono matching onto you through a trilogy of our own

We impart our best Yoda-like wisdom of pro bono matching onto you through a trilogy of our own


It’s not May The Fourth Be With You, it’s not even Revenge Of The Fifth.  What it is is May 25th, and while it doesn’t have a snappy title like May 4th or 5th, it is the day that Return of the Jedi premiered 35 years ago.


Return of the Jedi, was, at the time, the bookend that wrapped up all the loose ends and mysteries of the previous two films.  It was supposed to encompass everything we have learned and finalize the operatic space saga. 


Similarly, we at Spark have created our own trilogy.  It doesn’t have Ewoks, lightsabers, or Admiral Ackbar but it does have a certain Yoda-like wisdom… the wisdom of pro bono matching.


And just like those Star Wars collector pack DVDs we all own, we thought it was a good idea to have our trilogy nicely packaged in one place.  So below is Spark’s trilogy, three blog posts that cover everything from how organizations should prepare for pro bono help, to how we work and the process we use to create successful matches.


Prep For Pro Bono

This post is for nonprofit organizations interested in working with Spark and the internal process they need to go through before they begin a match. 


Pro Bono Skills Buffet

Like at a buffet, sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming, you just don’t know where to start. This blog post discusses the different skill sets Spark volunteers can offer.  Have a look, jot down some areas of interest (graphic design? HR? IT?) and think how a professional in that field can help your organization.  


Consider Us Q

Through the pop culture lens of James Bond, this post outlines Spark’s internal processes and the way we create successful matches.  As you read you’ll discover that Spark bears a striking resemblance to Bond’s Q.  Think about it, just like Q we act as a support system that works to build the capacity of our James Bond (in this case a nonprofit organization).  


If you are an organization that is interested in a Spark match, or an individual interested in volunteering with us please read the posts above to help familiarize with who we are and what we do, and then give us a call! We would love to hear from you.