Klinic - Margeaux G. Bren D, Margeaux G watermarked

Bren and Margeaux, planning the plan

“The youth are all on Instagram! We need to be better at reaching and engaging them, as well as the other audiences that we want to connect with, who are probably on different platforms” states Teen Talk’s Bren Dixon.

Klinic Community Health’s Teen Talk program provides education and services for youth: focusing on sexuality, reproductive health, body image, substance use awareness, mental health, issues of diversity and anti-violence issues. Their target demographic uses social media extensively, and the Teen Talk staff manage a lot of different tools and platforms to connect with them.

The Teen Talk team approached Spark looking for assistance in developing a social media plan. We’ve matched them with the perfect person for the pro bono job – marketing expert Margeaux Girardin.

Margeaux will help Teen Talk to examine the current use and effectiveness of their social media tools and channels, recommend new alternatives, and plan for a strategic and effective use of social media to inform and engage their target audiences. All of this will happen in time to re-launch their social media presence to coincide with Teen Talk’s 20th anniversary in September.

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