It’s true! Since its inception as CEDTAS (Community Economic Development Technical Assistance Service) almost 10 years ago, Spark has leveraged over $1 million dollars in pro bono assistance for Winnipeg’s community organizations. What started as a small pilot project at SEED Winnipeg has grown to a fully fledged service of the Canadian CED Network, helping up to 150 organizations annually.Spark has leveraged over

While there have been a few bumps along the way, we’ve learned and grown, and are confident that we’ve got the experience and skill to help match community development/community economic development organizations with the professional help they need. For a reflection on the early years of CEDTAS, read more here; and you can find a more recent reflection here.

A celebration like this wouldn’t be complete without giving thanks where thanks is due. Many thanks to our amazing pro bono consultants who give of their time and expertise, to the many community groups that have used our services over the years, to past and present Spark/CEDTAS employees, and to SEED Winnipeg for helping get this project off the ground. A huge thanks also goes out to our funders: United Way of Winnipeg, The Winnipeg Foundation, the Province of Manitoba, and Thomas Sill Foundation. We’re also excited to be part of a growing Global Pro Bono Network.