New Tagline for L'Arche Tova Cafe

Jill, Diane, and Jim met to discuss L’Arche Cafe’s tagline

L’Arche Tova Cafe is a successful social enterprise expanding its business to include frozen foods and increase awareness of their catering. Located in Transcona but with a reach much greater than their neighbourhood, the cafe offers more than just freshly made, tasty food: by providing meaningful employment to some of L’Arche Winnipeg‘s community members, it lives out the organization’s mission of “changing society by choosing to live relationships in community.”

Back in January, we announced that Spark had matched L’Arche Tova Cafe with graphic designer Elise Epp to refresh the cafe’s logo. As the process got underway, Diane Truderung, L’Arche Winnipeg’s Director of Fund Development and Communications, realized that a new logo could really use a new tagline. So, while the graphic design match is still underway, we brought marketing specialist Jill Knaggs on board to help shape that new tagline. Jill’s already hard at work consulting with both Diane and Elise, making sure that her work matches the needs of the cafe, and Elise’s design.

Work is well underway by now, and we’re excited about what’s been happening. Stay tuned for the new logo and tagline!