RJAM - Taryn D. Taryn D, Kate K watermarked

Taryn (l) with RJAM’s board chair Kate (r)

The Restorative Justice Association of Manitoba (RJAM) is a new “umbrella” organization made up of local organizations who provide supports and resources to people and communities involved in and affected by crime. RJAM seeks to promote dialogue and community engagement around restorative options for our communities – methods that are often much more effective than what we are doing as a society right now.

As a new organization they need a visual image that clearly and effectively conveys who they are. We’ve matched them with new Spark volunteer and highly experienced art director and designer Taryn Dufault to work her magic to help create the visual identity they’ll need to get themselves out there and into the consciousness of the justice system, police, government officials, and the general public. Watch for it!

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