Fundraising pro bono match

Mike and Sue, ready to tackle MFL OHC’s fundraising goals

Mike Kelly, new Executive Director at the Manitoba Federation of Labour Occupational Health Centre (MFL OHC) is no stranger to fundraising. He’s helped at both Winnipeg Folk Fest and Folklorama for years, in a few different capacities. However, when it comes to rebuilding a fundraising plan for an organization that’s almost 35 years old, he knew he’d need a bit of help. Fresh off the experience of a previous match, Mike reached out to Spark to ask for a combination mentor/planning match.

After meeting with Mike, we knew exactly who we wanted to ask – Sue Barkman, who has done more than a few¬†matches through us. Happily, she was interested, and soon we brought the two together to meet and discuss Mike’s fundraising dreams, and how Sue could help him build a plan to make those into reality.

They agreed that it was a good fit, and over the next few months they’ll be working collaboratively to build a fairly comprehensive plan that not only meets Mike’s goals, but also the OHC’s style, audience, and capabilities.