Nina (l) and Nicole (r) recently wrapped up their year-long mentorship match

Nina (l) and Nicole (r) recently wrapped up their year-long mentorship match. Thanks to Nicole for the picture

These smiling faces are what it’s all about! Nicole Chammartin, Executive Director at Sexuality Education Resource Centre Manitoba (SERC), recently posted on LinkedIn about her mentoring match with Nina Condo, Executive Director of Elmwood Community Resource Centre.

Here’s what Nicole had to say: “Thank you to Spark for setting me up as a mentor for Nina Condo of Elmwood Community Resource Centre this year. It was a great year getting to know this passionate community advocate!”

We’ve known for a long time that Spark matches benefit both the organization and the volunteer. Nicole mentioned this in her post-match evaluation: “When I was approached by Spark about this I thought it was a great way to give back, and it would also would help my own development as a leader mentoring new leaders.”

Nina explains the good fit between the two, and how she has benefited from the match: “Nicole was always available to help and has been a great support to me. We met each month to discuss challenges and issues, and develop action plans that are making me a better ED and leader. Nicole has been very gracious to share her leadership, knowledge and expertise with me. We got along really well, and worked well together. Most importantly, I had a person who has ‘been here’ to share ideas with and receive meaningful feedback from.”

Spark’s mentorship matches are for staff from Winnipeg’s community development organizations who are new to their role (whether they are a new ED, or have been tasked with doing bookkeeping, communications, or anything else they weren’t specifically trained to do). They are matched with experienced professionals who want to give back by supporting those who are starting out and need encouragement, access to occasional expertise around solving issues specific to the profession, and to talk to someone who has “been there”. As always, our matches – even our mentoring matches – are tailored to fit the request from the community development organization, and span many roles. If you work for a community development group and you’re interested in a mentoring match, or are an experienced professional and are interested in mentoring, get in touch today.

Our matches make it possible for organizations to achieve what they can’t do on their own – be part of that change today!