Jubilee Fund - Robyn H. Robyn H, Derek P watermarked

Robyn and Derek

“We need to get our posting out to networks we aren’t connected to yet”

– Derek Pachal, The Jubilee Fund

The Jubilee Fund provides flexible loans and bridge financing to community development and social change – related projects that don’t qualify for loans from banks. They are hiring a fundraiser, and wanted help crafting a great job description and posting, advice on getting the word out, connections to the right networks of people who could excel at this job, ensuring they hire the best candidate possible.  We went to HR recruitment specialist and Spark pro bono consultant Robyn Hartley, who also happens to have a huge network of professional connections. Robyn’s workplace Harris Leadership Strategies executive search and coaching services is supporting the match, and she is helping Jubilee’s Derek Pachal navigate the whole process.

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