Urban Eatin’s Tommy with Preston and Chad of Blueprint Law

Urban Eatin’ is much more than just landscaping – their vision is for a “sustainable food system, where people in urban spaces can work towards localizing food production, lessening our ecological footprint, working cooperatively and building community.”

In addition, they are both a worker co-op and a social enterprise, which makes them exactly the kind of organization that Spark works to support.

Urban Eatin’ has recently begun sharing some of their workshop space, as well as one of their trucks, with another social enterprise, Compost Winnipeg, a project of  The Green Action Centre. So that the groups will have a clear understanding of expectations and liabilities, Spark has matched them with Blueprint Law who will develop agreements for space and equipment use. Blueprint Law’s Chad Penner and Preston Mandamin have both been very generous with their time and expertise, and this will be their fifth (!) pro bono Spark match.

Read more about the services of both Urban Eatin and Blueprint Law on their websites urbaneatin.com and blueprintlaw.ca