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Dawn Rodgers and Angela Taylor meeting to plan their mentorship match

Inspire Community Outreach supports the mental health of local children, youth and their families, through their programs and educational activities, and by connecting people to other resources that they may not know about. The driving force behind Inspire is Angela Taylor, whose personal and professional life experiences, insights into gaps in services, and desire to make a difference led to her founding Inspire almost 3 years ago. The small volunteer-run organization has grown and flourished. That growth presents many new demands and challenges: stable funding, board recruitment and development, and delegation of responsibilities to name a few.

Angela approached Spark looking for a mentorship match – to be connected to an Executive Director in the local social services field who has navigated the challenges of organizational development and growth, balancing competing demands and increasing expectations from the community it serves, as well as other partners.

Dawn Rodgers is the E.D. of The Momentum Centre, a nonprofit training centre that helps launch Aboriginal and new Canadian youth between 18 and 30 into meaningful careers. Dawn was in a similar situation at her organization as Angela in the past: Momentum had started very small, had a series of successes that were noticed by the community and supporters, and was under pressure to grow quickly and serve an expanding client group. She benefited greatly from her own Spark E.D. mentorship match that helped guide her through the expansion, back in 2013 (thanks Sue Hudson!).

Dawn is thrilled to be able to provide the same sort of support and encouragement that she received from her volunteer mentor, and pass on the wisdom, experience and confidence she’s gained, by being Angela’s mentor over the next 12 months.


If you work for a community development organization in Winnipeg and are looking for short-term, project-specific help, or if you’d like to volunteer your expertise, start here. Our matches make it possible for organizations to achieve what they can’t do on their own – be part of that change today!

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