CUHC - Stephen P. Amy M, Neil C, Stephen P

Amy and Neil from the Community Unemployed Help Centre, with pro bono consultant Stephen

The Community Unemployed Help Centre provides information, assistance, advice, and representation to individuals dealing with the federal government’s Employment Insurance program and the Manitoba Government’s Employment and Income Assistance program.  They are seven very skilled and dedicated staff people who work with, support and advocate for some of our city’s most marginalized people.

Stephen Pitre is a Business Analyst and Project Manager, who approached Spark recently looking to give back to his community. He has lots of experience with helping walk businesses through decision making regarding software to meet their organizational needs and processes. Spark has matched Stephen with the Community Unemployed Help Centre, to help them review their current database and their data collection needs and practices.  Together, they’ll see what can be built on or improved in order to make record keeping, data management and use more streamlined and effective.


If you work for a community development organization in Winnipeg and are looking for short-term, project-specific help, or if you’d like to volunteer your expertise, start here. Our matches make it possible for organizations to achieve what they can’t do on their own – be part of that change today!

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