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Amanda, Julianne, and Jessica at the match meeting


Every year Spark presents the Spark Outstanding Pro Bono Award at the Volunteer Manitoba Volunteer Awards Gala. We look forward to this day every year because it gives us a chance to recognize some of our volunteers and the impact their pro bono work has on the community, as well as celebrate volunteerism in Manitoba.


From now until awards night, we are celebrating the nominees for the Spark Outstanding Pro Bono Award, and their contributions to their community through a series of volunteer profiles. 


Today we are profiling Award nominees Amanda Minuk and David Gut of Design Shop!


Last year Siloam Mission, “a Christian humanitarian organization that alleviates hardships and provides transition opportunities for those experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg,” approached Spark with a design request- they wanted help redesigning the supervisors offices. 


Siloam’s goal was to “create havens of relaxation and calm where our supervisors could find solace and regroup after intense situations.”  But the design wasn’t without its challenges: “concrete floors, plain walls, no windows, and very high ceilings in the supervisors’ offices.” 


With an influx of design requests during this time, Spark decided to look outside our current roster of volunteers. 


Being fans of Design Shop’s Instagram we knew they would be perfect for the job. We approached them asking if they were interested in volunteering and they jumped at the opportunity. 


Over the course of a few months, David and Amanda got to work and created a design proposal with several iterations for Siloam to choose from. 


According to the organization, ““David and Amanda not only embraced this challenge but also exceeded expectations by leveraging their expertise to turn these spaces into welcoming sanctuaries.” “Their professionalism and thoughtfulness were evident in every aspect of their work, from the careful selection of color palettes to the strategic placement of lighting and the introduction of tasteful décor.”


In the end, Siloam Mission is thankful for David and Amanda, “their pro bono work, coupled with their flexibility, professionalism, and thoughtfulness, has left an indelible mark on our organization.”


Thank you Amanda and David for your amazing design work!


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