It’s not often thaSouperBee Soups - photo from Ben Kramert Spark matches blow up Twitter, but a recent match between Soup Bee, a Winnipeg social enterprise that sells soups made with local ingredients by individuals facing barriers to employment, and Shel Zolkewich, a marketing specialist and food blogger, did just that.

Social media is currently a bit of a hot request at Spark, so when Kelly got in touch looking for help with Facebook we thought it was time to find a new volunteer/pro bono consultant. So I reached out to a group I’m in, asking for suggestions. When Shel asked for more information, I was beyond excited: I’d never met her, but I absolutely love the local food scene, and have been following her on Twitter for some time. I also knew that she was involved with the Manitoba Food Bloggers Facebook group, and couldn’t have been happier at the thought of bringing her together with Kelly.

Well, sure enough a mentoring match was made, and Shel had many great ideas for Soup Bee – including involving some local food bloggers by having a Soup Bee-hosted soup making competition.

At the end of February, eight people and their supporters gathered at Knox Community Kitchen (a group which has also received Spark help, for their lovely website), and competed for the bragging rights of being named the best soup maker. Based on the video taken at the event, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

You can get in on some of the excitement and fun of the event by checking out #SouperBee on Twitter. As well, I’ve shared some participants’ blog posts below. Some of the contestants included recipes for their entries, and others have promised to share soon – yum!

Thanks again to Shel, Kelly, and all the participants and sponsors of the event. Thanks also go out to Chef Ben Kramer for the picture of the soup: he was one of the lucky judges and snapped it before declaring the winner.

Be sure to check out the video Ian McCausland made, at the bottom of the page!