Big Brothers Big Sisters Wpeg - S3 Interior Design. Greg Unger & Carrie Robson watermarkedBig Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg is considering relocating, but they don’t just want to go anywhere: they want a new home with more activity space for their mentors and youth, room for training sessions and group activities, and a more accommodating office environment. Contemplating a move can be a challenge at the best of times, but when you’re moving an organization, you want to make sure you get it right the first time. So, Greg Unger, Executive Director, got in touch with Spark to see what kind of help came to mind when faced with a request like this.

After we talked through what they were looking for, I knew exactly who I wanted to ask to take on the match: S3 Interior Design, Inc. When we’d first met with Tracy Dyck, Principal, and Carrie Robson, Designer, they made it clear that volunteering and social consciousness is a key part of what drives the company, as well as the employees. If you follow S3 on Facebook, you’ll quickly see that making a space meet its user’s needs is very important to the team, and I had a feeling that they’d enjoy the challenge of helping Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg find their new home.

Here’s how it’ll work: Greg and his team will find a space that Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg is seriously interested in, and then they’ll get in touch with S3. Together, they’ll go view the space, and S3 will help them see the potential in the building. Once Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg has settled on a new space, S3 will come up with a conceptual floor plan, working with Greg and his team to make sure it meets the needs of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg.