Canada Day @ The Forks

Photo credit: AJ Batac. Used under Creative Commons license

We’re thrilled to finally launch Spark’s new website into the web-o-sphere. We think it’s a great representation of where our matchmaking service is now, and we hope you like the new look, language, and that you’re inspired to become involved.

One of the great new features of the website is our blog. We hope it appeals to Winnipeg-based community development organizations, existing and potential volunteers with specialized skills (pro bono consultants), and others interested in making Winnipeg a better place.

Planning and building the site, although more work than we envisioned when the idea was first hatched, was smooth and painless, and we learned a lot along the way. Many thanks to Joseph Ranseth, Crystal Kumpula, and Melanie Reyes at Vine Multimedia for making it possible, and then making it amazing!